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Body Tail Lenght - total 5 points 

Let's talk tails....  Tail length is one of the easiest features to evaluate,  You will see the judges clearly checking tail length.  It's also easy to check yourself.  Length of the tail is also easy to track from generation to generation. 

"flexible, wide at base, tapering, equal to body length"


David Mare is checking the tail length and fullness. 
At home, you should stand the cat  either on the hind legs and hold the cat up making the cat stand on the hind legs with one  or just have the cat stand all four legs and gently bring the tail forward to the back of the head.  The tip of the tail should reach to the base of the neck at the shoulders.
Below is Vickie Nye feeling the tail bone.  "lack of cartilage" in the tail is a disqualifier.  You should also check for "tail faults".  Feel the tail bone all the way to the tip.  A genetic fault in the tail is a tail bone that is not straight.   You will feel a uneven or bumpy.  You are feeling for the boning in the tail.